Defining Your 'Alter Ego'

Defining Your 'Alter Ego'

A Lesson by Rapterj

Making yourself a who's who in the writing community.


    Some of us tend to become different people when we write.  We enter a world that is consumed by our own imagination or experiences.  Some of us do not.  Sometimes, because of how real and how attached our minds can make us to our imaginations and our creativity, its hard to tell whether or not we are becoming someone else.  But what is most important about pen names and screen names is that they are just as much a part of you as the part that comes out in your writing.

    Being a part of a writing community means that people will read your bio like an "about the author" page of a book.  If they find you interesting enough, they might delve further into your works.  They may also be able to relate to you and share ideas about your writing that you may have never experienced.

    Its also the first part of you will be as a reviewer too.  Try and remember if you include in your profile a story about a time you were drunk with a bunch of friends, dont be surprised if people dont take your reviews seriously.  Sure writing communities like this one are often great for networking, and you are going to meet and interact with people - but it isn't Facebook or Twiiter.  Personal posts are probably best if removed from your hobby or profession of writing.

    I've heard the best advice is to treat your online personality like you are going to a type meeting.  It may be a meeting where you intend to share your latest short story with your exclusive group of friends, or it may be a public convention where you might meet potential publishers.  Dress your profile - and subsequently your identity - accordingly!


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Posted 7 Years Ago

do I really have to get dressed Rj?lol most prefer me naked! Good advice for the 'serious' writer but that leaves poets out in the cold hoary nights imo i kind of agree with you in some ways but then I don't do facebook, yet!lol Personally, I have never really got into those networking sites or dating sites, they just make me cringe. I like writers sites because those who use them often have lots in common with what I want to talk about. ie writing and feelings (poet talk) I find it very difficult to become a different person when I write though! my creative writing courses of past two years has taught me to be me, or forget it. Crap at making things up!lol

I missed this post,what was I doing....oh yeah! being a ninja warrior.

Smiling atyou

Tai x

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Posted 7 Years Ago

This is good advice. Too many people here - and on other writing sites - do write their profiles as if the site was just another place like Facebook or Twitter.
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