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One day a group of people joined in singing along to their songs, that was until Gripper Stebson, the school bully from Grange Hill burst in and sabotaged the machine, by pouring washing powder into the karaoke machine. The machine blew up and squirted powder all over the place, with some of it flying into peoples' mouths.

Gripper and his gang had already caused trouble at Grange Hill when they soaked pupils who were different and on one occasion knocked off one of the teacher's heads when he told them to get into their  class. He and his gang then grabbed hold of the head and kicked it along the corridor.

The teacher who had his head  knocked off was Grange Hill form master Mr Squirt, who happened to be the deputy head.

Pupils got the shock of their lives when they saw a headless school teacher walk pass their class. The teacher in  charge, Mr Chopwood rushed out and came face to face with the headless man.

"I've got a feeling that it was Gripper Stebson who did this to you because he's the only boy who can do things like this.

"I'm afraid I'm have to go and report this to the head Teacher Mrs McClusky, I can't let that scum get away with this, knocking off other peoples' heads".

Just as Mr Chopwood was making his way to the head's office Gripper came along and, 'without warning kicked Mr Chopwood's head off.
Now he had two human heads to play football with.

Suddenly Mr Keeting, one of the teachers arrived, grabbed hold of  Stebson before he too could knock off his head and dismantled him, taking off his legs, arms and head then handing them into the head teacher  just to show what a cruel thug Gripper was, but, just as he was about to hand them in the severed body parts of Gripper Stebson went berserk and attacked the head and teachers. In fact the legs belonging to Gripper Stebson started to kick the head teacher even though they had been removed from Gripper Stebson's body and were acting on their own without the rest of the body.

The teachers tried to grab the mad legs but they just went too far and,

"Suddenly, they kicked off the head teacher's head.

It was ten minutes since Mr Keeting  dismantled Gripper, when all of a sudden the toe rag put himself back together again and in revenge pulled off Mr Keeting's ears and ate them, but the teacher grew a new pair of ears.

Now the plan was to put Gripper into a cage so he shouldn't wreak havoc again.

Now it's back to Karaoke.

The Karaoke machine destroyed by Gripper Stebson when he poured washing  powder into it got repaired by putting it into the microwave and cooking it.

In five minutes a brand new Karaoke machine  emerged from the microwave oven, and the first song to be sung was

"When the toilets come  rolling in",
sung by Tony Nails and Bernie Bog.

It was John Chicken, one of the day centre users who sang it.

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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

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