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It is obvious that the Dandy comic would have a fall. Don't forget that the Dandy was 75 years old when it packed up. The Dandy comic is now in a nursing home and has only two months to live because it's so frail that it could drop dead if anybody read it.


 One day whilst a man was reading the Dandy Comic it fell out of his hand and crashed onto the floor.
The man then phoned an ambulance and they took the Dandy to hospital, where it had an operation.

The characters that are in the Dandy also got injured. In fact, both Korky the cat and Desperate Dan fell out of the comic when it hit the floor, leaving both of them lying unconscious on the floor.
In fact, the impact was so violent that Desperate Dan's head fell off his body leaving him headless.
Even Korky the cat suffered unusual injuries, resulting in his mouth moving to the side of his face.

On arrival at the hospital the Dandy comic and it's characters underwent a series of surgical operations.

Desperate Dan had his head sewn back on in an operation that lasted two weeks.
Korky the cat also had an operation, to move his mouth back to the front of his face.

Unfortunately some of the Dandy comic characters didn't survive the Dandy comic's nasty fall.

The famous sheepdog, Black Bob died from it's injuries after the Dandy comic had a nasty fall.
It happened whilst it was inside the comic.
The same thing too happened to Winker Watson, the school wangler.
He bled to death. It happened in Greytowers school when the Dandy had a nasty fall, but Mr Creep,the school teacher survived, so too did Tim Trott, Winker Watson's pal.

Mr Creep, the schoolteacher wanted revenge so he walked out of the hospital and located the home where the man who read the Dandy lived.
Mr Creep burst open the door and bashed the man who read the Dandy when it had a nasty fall.

You, you, murderer, you killed my pupil Winker Watson.

The man who Mr Creep beat up, the same man who read the Dandy that had a nasty fall, was so badly beaten that he grew horns on his head, and loads of nails sprouted out of his nose turning him into a monster. He then flew at Creepy and tried to eat him, but was stopped in his tracks by a chair in the dining room.
The chair flew at the man who tried to eat Mr Creep and knocked him flying until he saw stars.
Even the dining room table joined in, when it jumped up into the air and flew at the cannibal until his body swelled up, in fact, so much that he burst.
The man's heart and lungs jumped out of his body and attacked Mr Creep.
The lungs crawled up his leg and bit him on his breadbasket.

Mr Creep had to run for dear life to escape the mad body organs,that were attacking him.
He went straight through the wall.

The man who swelled up and burst suddenly spurted fire from his body, burning the house down, then all went back to normal for the home owner, but not for his own home for he burnt the house down when fire shot right out of his body.

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Bernard Tisman

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