A Lesson by Bernard Tisman

This is about a man who stole part of the town


One day Simon Sandwich moved into a supported living home but couldn’t part with his old house so he decided that it was best for him to bring his old house with him and take it with him into his new flat. This way he would remain in his original home, but at the same time live in his new flat.

The man’s cousin got hold of the house and lifted it up into the removal van.
On arrival the new tenant was given his old house and packed it away inside his wardrobe. This meant, that at night he would take it out and sleep inside it.

He not only brought his old house with him, even the street where he used to live. However, this annoyed other householders who lived down the same street – the street where Simon used to live, for they found that their street had been stolen. This only came to light when one of the house owners stepped outside the street door and found that their street had gone, so they went to the police to say that one of their original neighbours had stolen their street when he moved house.
Eventually the police tracked down the place where the street had been moved to – the tenant’s new home. There, they searched the whole block until they found the flat where the stolen street was being stored.
The police broke down the door, opened the wardrobe  and found the missing street, together with the house which the man had taken with him to his new flat.
“I’m afraid we’re going to charge you with the theft of a street.
You left householders without a street. Not only that, you stole one of the houses.”
The manager was shocked when she found out that one of the new tenants of Quinton Lodge had had taken his old house with him when he moved in, which mean’s that he stole it from the street where he used to live, together with the street.
The burglary of a part of the town – the theft of a street, resulted in having to move the man to a care home where the staff would watch over him all the time to make sure that he didn’t steal other peoples’ bedrooms, let alone landmarks of any town.

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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

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