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 One day a super heatwave hit London pushing temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
So dangerously hot was the weather that people had to confine themselves to fridges in their own homes in order to cool down. That is, they had to climb into the fridge and take up residence there because, being inside the fridge was the best thing a person could do in their own homes, due to the fact that the rooms were much too hot to live in, so the fridge was the best house that a person could live in especially when the weather is dangerously hot.
Even at night people had to live inside their own fridges because of the heat, even sleep inside the fridge.

But, there is a word of warning.

Whenever you sleep inside the fridge please separate yourself from the food otherwise you could contaminate it. You can do this by sleeping on a shelf separate from the food; and please restrict breathing in and out because if you breathe in and out inside the fridge the germs could fly onto the food and make it dirty.

But, what about going to toilet whilst you're living inside the fridge?

The answer is, 'that, at the back of the fridge there is toilet. Usually this toilet is reserved for food that have to relieve themselves, because being stuck inside the fridge make's food want to go to toilet.

Of cause apples and oranges have to use the toilet quite often when inside the fridge. But, during the period in which you take up residence in the fridge the food have to find another toilet - your own toilet inside the house. In order to do this you have to open up the fridge to let the food out so that they can spend a penny in your own toilet, but have to cover themselves with ice cubes as they have to walk through baking hot rooms as they make their way to the loo.

Of cause it's still possible to eat and drink whilst you're living inside the fridge, especially during the hot weather, but, please show some respect to the food in the fridge because quite often food has to be killed before it's eaten, and, you know what happens if you kill the food so you can eat it, 'the answer is that you could be charged with murder.

Now, here's a word of warning:
Please remember to wrap up warm when living inside the fridge, even though the weather outside is hot, because fridges can get dangerously cold inside.

I would recommend a space suit if you live inside a fridge whilst the weather outside is dangerously hot.

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Added on July 28, 2014
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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

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