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The coach starts its tour from Milk Road, Ilford then proceeds along the High Road passing into Nutjelly Gardens then along Freabore Road, into Stemleigh Avenue, leading into the Eastern Avenue and along the road for five miles, before turning into Dogtoilet Way. This leads into Vindarmie Lane. Before long we come to the Colchester Road. And now its all the way along this road, passing Catslip Wood, one of the open spaces in Brentwood. Now we turn into Horseshoe Road, passing Kickerdick Park. By the side is a boating lake, which backs onto Ramsden Farm. We then join the A129. Coming into Billericay we now go along Perry Street, through Potash Road, pass Nosey Wood, which border’s Spoutwood Common Road. We now come to a dog farm. Next, we go along a footpath, which leads into another footpath. As part of the journey the coach on its tour to some seaside town sinks underneath the mud, swims its way along then resurfaces further along the muddy track. The coach, now covered in mud jumps into a nearby lake and the coach driver turns on the automatic washers and in an instant the coach is clean. Beyond this spot is a muddy road full of ruts. The coach goes along this road, which leads out into the main road. Now we’re on the road which will lead us directly to Gripend Bay.

Finally, when the coach reaches Gripend Bay the people get off and go and enjoy themselves.

One of the main features in Gripend bay is the double deck pier, then there’s the milk bath at the bottom of the pier.


One of the main features at Gripend Bay is "What the Butterdish saw", a hand operated film, then there’s the penny slots and Spinball. Later that day we return through a road that goes through a worm hole and in a second we’re back in Ilford.


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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

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