The rhyme crime

The rhyme crime

A Lesson by Frederick Kesner

Rhymes can be a poetic cliché. And if done 'sloppily,' the rhyming device can serve to defeat us in our writing rather than enhance or even take our writing to the next level of experience.


○ Rhymes can be appreciated seen
but rhymes are best experienced
when "heard!"

○ The sound aspect of rhyme is
complete only in relation with
its companion words and their
correlated lines.

● In other words: rhymes don't
work alone. We have to also
consider the lines that our
rhyming words are attached to.

□ "nature's first green is gold
her hardest hue to hold"
(Robert Frost )

◇ we notice immediately the
end rhymes 'gold' & 'hold.'

♤ but we also have to look
at the lines in which they
belong. Sound them out...

♧ we now notice the cadence,
rhythms, inflexions, and
other sound patterns that
accompany, leading to the
rhyming words.

♡ our first crime is to isolate
rhyme, removing then
from other elements and
aspects of our composition.

Rather, our writing is an organic whole;
so much more than the sum of its parts.
Beauty lies in the relatedness of our words.

■ Pick some rhyming words and place them
in "rhyming" thoughts. Change paired words
as you work out the best suited pairs.

Notice how words 'dictate' their best use
in relation to the phrases that come to mind
when we begin pairing them off.

We are best off listening for the cues and
clues they give as we 'craft' our lines.

☆ Enjoy the connectedness of poetry and its
creation; how our words and thoughts come
together like separate pieces of an orchestra
joining together to form a symphony.

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Frederick Kesner

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