One Indian girl

One Indian girl

A Lesson by Sarita M Wariyer

Fiction By Chetan Baghat


One Indian girl is a book that tells a tale that is not every one's cup of tea because loose morals are depicted of an Indian girl.

Not every daughter who goes abroad is Radhika.

But the vulnerability of an Indian girl who has studied hard and got admission to one of the best Universities in the world is true here.

Far from family and in a stressful environment that demands the best out of her, many a Radhika will go to the first one who shows them some affection.

Never forgetting that she had to do what she was born for, she gets a good grade.

A fascinating job with a company that understands her needs as she follows its heart comes soon.

The boss is a person she admired, respects and who gives her something that none gave her before, the freedom to explore.

Trying out new strategies, she works out formulas that appeal to all and adds to the well known company's image, an even better name.

Her private life however needs her urgent attention.

Debu, the one in her heart leaves abruptly, shattering her.

Almost ready to give up all and go on an impossible search for him to make him return, she however is persuaded by a senior to continue at her work, though in a place where there are less memories of him.

The present place has these in every nook and corner of thr city.

At the different location, she puts her life back together and does well.

Her life partner who is understanding and supportive though is not insightful enough to known that his better half has things on her mind that he could never have thought of.

Debu meanwhile returns in a surprise arrival back into her life.

Confused and torn between loyalty to her life partner, she is unsure of what should be her next move.

Debu, to her amazement deeply loves her and wants her back in his topsy turvy world.

When she seems to be in a dilemma and does not respond, reminding him of how he left leaving her totally bereft of any support and on the brink of deep despair with non response to her many calls, he to her amazement and shock, starts to cry.

He loves her too much to let her go.

Unaccustomed to see a grown man in tears, she breaks down herself.

As the two cry their heart out, they know that time will not wait for them.

What must they do and will an elder sibling help or will it be scoldings and little else.

How is Radhika, a woman with a job she loves and is giving her all for, A lady with an enviable outlook on life and who seems to have everything one could wish for get what she wants most, her family to understand her?

They love her unconditionally but will they support then choices she makes?

Will her life partner, realize that he cannot hold her back and set her free?

Will he continue to care for her and be content with what part of her life she can offer to him now, which may not be a hundred per cent of it?

Will he see that the one Indian girl who has a traditional cultured upbringing with a western outlook, the one who is his cannot be totally his?

For in her life, there are numerous considerations to make and several matters that she has to put before him.

Will his love for her take that and still be a good friend she can come back to whenever she can?

It is a well written book that tells a long story in a short time. That is the talent of the author.

A medicine that takes care of combined fever, headaches and all pains in a single capsule.

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Sarita M Wariyer
Sarita M Wariyer

Bangalore , India

Language teacher for college students. A former Medical Transcriptionist with a US based healthcare company. A Bharatnatyam Indian Classical dancer.