Six Simple Steps on How to Destroy Writer's Block

Six Simple Steps on How to Destroy Writer's Block

A Lesson by Katie Rose

These are some steps which may help you deal with writer's block.


Writer’s Block. An illness that strikes even the healthest writers. Symptoms include: staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen for large amounts of time, the inability to put words on paper, your mind becoming less creative than before, and a dramatic increase of time playing solitaire. If you are showing signs of any of these symptoms go see your doctor to see if anti-writer’s block pills are right for you. Actually scratch that last part. Sorry to say anti-writer’s block pills don’t exist. Wish they did but they don’t. There are other ways to get rid of that pesky writer’s block though. Here are some steps to break your block.

Step one is go reread your story. Maybe something is wrong there. Something that keeps the story from going forwards. If you do find something rewrite from that part onwards. Maybe then you’ll find the words coming more easily.

Step two is take a break and do something else. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something other than writing. Try a new sport, play chess instead of solitaire, read a book, draw, do something. Then after a week or so you can try writing again and that block will crack.

The third step you could try is write an outline. Now if you actually plot your book before you start writing you might be saying “but I already have an outline!”. Forget it. Just write a new outline and have some fun with it. You don’t have to follow it. Maybe have them all suddenly get abducted by solitaire playing aliens who want to force them to play in their solitaire championship. Or maybe they all die at the end. Or they all go eat cookies and watch Doctor Who. Or maybe they do what they’re suppose to do in the outline. It doesn’t matter. Just write. If you can’t try steps one and two.

Number four is to just try writing a new story. Something different and amazing. You can go back to whatever you’re working on later.

Step five is to go to the pet story and pet all the cute little bunnies. Pretend that they’re the good plot bunnies and maybe a brilliant idea will come to you.

And now for step six. Step six does not exist. Just go do the other steps. You don’t have to do them in order nor do you have to do all of them. Just do them.

Those are the steps I take to deal with my writer's block. Hopefully they work for you too. If not look at some of the other suggestions people have on this wonderful site. Good day!


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