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Do I have to explain dictionaries?


Dictionaries. Yes, even if you write in your home/native/best spoken language, there are words you'll bite your tongue with. We can't know all the fancy words and the longer we work and don't read, our writing becomes "icky" and our spelling becomes worse.

I always reference a dictionary when I'm uncertain about words. My best dictionary friend is "www.dictionary.com" Every word you want to look up can be done on the web. I have this little site as a handy widget on my phone and quick access bookmark on my computer's web browser.  But if you're oldskool, you can grab the Oxford (or any other) dictionary off the shelf and page your way through the book of word wonders.

Even if you don't know the spelling, type it into the search bar or look it up in the index if you are using a book. It'll give you suggestions on what is nearest to the word you searched, that way you can check the word's meaning and see if that is your corect word and correct spelling. I call it referencing.

Every writer uses a reference, it's not shameful to use a dictionary. This guarantees that your work will be of great quality. Call it "research", because that's what it is in simpler terms.

Spelling reference: www.dictionary.com
Proofreader: Lana
Illustrator: Lana


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