Starting Out

Starting Out

A Lesson by L. Fenella

Here we go...


All right, let's begin. First off, you need a good first sentence.

One book I read began:

It was only ten, and already I was tired of sitting.

Vagueness piques curiosity. Of course, you have to explain a little in the following sentences or your reader will be left in the dark.

Another way:

Once upon a time, there was a horribly dreary book that began with "once upon a time".

A humorous twist also piques curiosity.

Now, you try. Open up a Word document, or a new Note or whatever, and try writing three different sentences for your nice new book. Be sure they:

-are original (No copycats)
-grab attention
-aren't too vague or too corny

Once you're satisfied, pick the best one and get a second opinion. Get up and ask your sister or dad. Or, email it to your writing buddy and get their view. A fresh perspective gives you a whole different view on your writing.

By now you've probably dreamed up some things for this book.
Hold on, we're getting there. For now, save that sentence. Get some more people to look at it. The more perspectives, the better your sentence will be.

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