Advertising and Finance

Advertising and Finance

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

This is our final lesson. The rest will be tips on stories.


Oh my gosh! This is your final lesson! You grew up so fast! Now, let's tell you today's materials. They are:
Microsoft Office Word
Copy Machine
Some copies of books
Hey, now you're getting money wise! Go to Microsoft Office Word and type up this:
Story Title
Book Price
Coming Date
Before you print, here are some reasonable book prices:
1-8 chapters: $7.00
9-17 chapters: $14.00
18-30 chapters: $20.00
More than 30 chapters: $25.00
Now, print out some flyers off Word and hang them around town. Make sure you put them where people will see them. Finally, hold a book sale for your book at your house. Or, just post it here on Either way, life will be a whole lot easier. Remember this tutorial, because you can make a sequel or more books. I hope it goes well for you. Please enjoy the tips that are with this course.

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