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This lesson covers all the stuff you need to know to spread the word about your book.


If you wanna get your book popular, you gotta advertise it. Sometimes, you have to pay for advertising. Here are some simple ways to spread the word about your book:

1. Post about it on your Facebook (people you know personally will really be interested in reading your book)
2. Have your friends spread the word to their other friends
3. Create a Facebook page for your book (this is a really good way to spread the word, mainly because people can share your page if they like your book)
4. Create a website about your book; this can be a blog/fan site, but you will have more options (use for the best way to host a free website. If you have a better website, fine with me)

If your book gets advertised enough and word gets spread, your book will be the talk of the town in no time. Or better yet, it will be the talk of the whole country. I hope these new lessons helped you understand writing better. If you have any other questions or concerns about writing, let me know them. Post them in the comment box on my profile or send me a personal message.

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