Making A Title

Making A Title

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

This teaches you how to make a title.


Of course, the title for this lesson was easy to come up with. It basically says exactly what happens in this lesson. Here's the steps you should take in making a title if you want your book to be successful:

1. Make sure your title isn't something cheesy
2. Make your title seem interesting, grabbing that one kid's interest walking down the aisle at Walmart
3. If your character hears a phrase in the story that seems important to him, usually you should make this your title (most authors will do this, also it is a good way to have the reader understand the title better and want to continue reading)

NOTE: Most book titles have the word "the" in it. This sometimes makes people seem uninterested in the story, because it makes you seem that your book is not well written. (I do not know why, but in the survey we took, most people said it makes them not want to read it)

After you have created a title and put your book up on WritersCafe or gotten it published, you want to get word spread about your book.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Thanks for the tip about the word "The' who woulda thought?
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