Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

I can see that you listened to my advice and continually want it. Here's the second lesson.


Hey, I know you. You're that person that wanted more advice from me.  Well, I guess since you are here on the second lesson, you'll get some. All that you will need for today is:
Microsoft Word or Notepad
This advice
If you have all of the above, this will be a breeze.
Today we are going to talk about REVISING AND EDITING. This is a basic need for all authors. I can imagine your story turned out well. If not, here are 23 ideas.

1. It’s a typical day…you wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, stumble bleary eyed into the kitchen for coffee and….FBI agents crash down the front door. Your world is suddenly turned upside down. You’re accused of being a terrorist. How do you prove your innocence?

2. You overhear a conversation at work. It’s strange, curious but nonsense. Unfortunately, what you’ve heard is a plot to control the stock market and now you’re considered a threat. You’re fired, discredited and assaulted. The only way you can clear your name is to unravel the plot.

3. Customs find drugs in your bag when and you realize you’ve been used to smuggle drugs by your (lover / family member / friend). The DEA offers you a chance at freedom but you’ll go undercover and provide information.

4. A man is shot dead before your eyes. In his last moment of life, he grasps your hand and whispers a warning “they will kill him, tomorrow.’ You know he is speaking of the (president/ presidential candidate/ controversial public figure) who is appearing at a rally. When you try to warn him, you become a suspect.

5. You stop a woman being assaulted by a man. You become romantically involved with her and later learn the man has been killed. She changes before your eyes and you start to worry about your own safety.

6. You’re taken hostage during a bank robbery. Fortunately you’ve had some experience in this area (Retired FBI / Military Hero / Psychiatrist ) and you convince the robber(s) to release the hostages one by one, while you remain behind.

7. A terrified man comes knocking on your door one night. He is bloody and incoherent. You help him and call 911. He lives, but he is a dangerous addition to your circle of acquaintances. Instead of expressing gratitude or even disappearing from your life, he becomes a menacing stalker.

8. One day, without warning or reason, you begin to see dead people. Your family thinks you’ve gone insane and you wonder yourself. Only they seem so real and determined to communication to you. You decide to help them in hopes you’ll be rid of them.

9. You’ve found the exact location in the body where the soul resides. If it is surgically removed prior to death, it can be transplanted into another body, facilitating eternal life. The only problem is finding healthy donors.

10. You receive an organ transplant, along with the donor’s (memories / traits / abilities) which lead you to discover more about your donor’s life and death.

11. There is a global threat, (nuclear warfare / asteroid / global warming) to humanity.

12. A plague sweeps across the world as carriers unknowingly infect people on every continent. The few survivors remain in a lawless state and must fight to restore their way of life.

13. The anti-Christ comes to power as a National Leader, revered and respected, until his bloody agenda becomes clear and it’s too late to stop him. The world is a war zone between good and evil.

14. In a Post Apocalyptic world, there are (mutants / gangs / machines) who jeopardize the tentative efforts at rebuilding society.

15. Your child is abducted. The police believe he is dead, but you continue to search.

16. You are abducted and in order to survive, you….

17. You are lost in the forest and in order to survive, you…

18. Your loved one is kidnapped and in order to save them you….

19. A well respected surgeon is accused of killing brain damaged patients, to obtain their organs in cardiac-death procedures. You are the (nurse / peer / family member) who discovers the crime and at your own peril, bring him to justice.

20. You win the lottery and suddenly you have more friends then ever before. You need to discover who is there for you or you risk losing more than money.

21. You discover the fountain of youth in an experimental drug designed to cure Alzheimer’s, however the drug has terrible side affects. You are in constant agony, physically and emotionally, transforming from human to something else, angry and dangerous.

22. You embark on a treasure hunt to find (religious artifacts / pirate gold / sunken treasure / Mayan gold) and you must overcome obstacles along the way. This would be good fish out of water story: you’re an intellectual with the “map” but you need brawn on your side to succeed.

23. You dabble in witchcraft. It is just a game to start, and when you realize you have power, it becomes thrilling and impossible to resist. Until dark forces begin to manipulate your powers for their own agendas.

Now, back to our lesson. Today, you will need to look over your story. First, any words that are still red, right-click on them to find the correct word or ignore all of them. Then, you need to read your story about 2 times. After that, you will need to read the first sentence. Is it missing something? Could it be improved? Do this with each sentence until you have finished. Make changes if you need to. Next, you need to save your story again to make sure that it doesn't lose any changes. Then, we go back to your story. You need to let a friend, parent, or someone you can trust read the book and tell them to give their opinion. If they tell you maybe you could improve that, don't feel sad you missed that part. Just change the parts and tell them thank you. By now, you have probably done some more changing. Save the file again. Don't miss the next lesson, "Finish Line"! It's just a click away!

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