Starting Out the Book

Starting Out the Book

A Lesson by Alex Pratt

This is the first lesson course. In this lesson you will learn how to start a book.


Welcome to the course "Can You Write or Not?" Today we will go over how to begin a book. First, you will need the following items:
A pen or pencil
Sticky notes
Colored sticky notes
This course
First to do is write down some story ideas on sticky notes (not the colored ones) and put them in a hat or a bowl. Remember to write down plots that you would want to write. After you have the plots in the hat or bowl, reach your hand in (without looking) and pick 3 plots. You need 3 in case you start to write one and decide to do another. After you have your plot, grab your colored sticky notes and use one individual color for each person. (ex. sunshine girl, yellow, aqua boy, blue, etc, etc) Now we are going to write down your graphic organizer. Use the colored sticky note corresponding to that individual person's part in the book. If there are two or more people in the part, use a regular sticky note. Do not read on until you have completed the following instructions.
By now, you should have finished your graphic organizer. What you need to do next is type a rough draft. Microsoft Word or Notepad are recommended. What you need to do is type up a short version of the book. Not too long, just short. Don't miss the next lesson, "Moving Right Along". It's just one click away!

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Posted 1 Year Ago

You are right ! but how I introduce my story ? what types title are compatible!

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Posted 1 Year Ago

0.0 I never thought about figuring out the plot that way 0.0 hahahahahah XD DEFINITELY TRYING THAT

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Posted 5 Years Ago

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