Taking Inspiration

Taking Inspiration

A Lesson by Alysha

Learning to see how everything can inspire you.


What you will need (yes I know people hate having to carry anymore then necessary, but most of you propbably already do this.):

Blank sketch book                                         Pencils (leaded and colored)

Good music (optional)                                      Good atittude(optional but good to have)


The reasons behind carying these items (and you'll want to get into a habit of it), are simple. All of use have regrets about not getting something down that inspires us, or not having written the peice that sounded so good earlier and now you can't seem to remember it. Well having these items will significantly reduce the amount of times these upsets occur.


Throughout this course you will see notes at the bottom called Simple Exercises, there will be at least one-two. These exercises are simple and should fit pretty well into your average day-to-day life, they are placed here to help you recognize creative nuances and to help develope your writing.


Simple Exercise 1:

Alright this one may not fit so well into your daily life, but I still highly recommend it as a starter for this course, it will help you to identify the things that could spark creativity at a moments notice.

First things first, find something that is beautiful to you, that you don't want to stop looking at, but have it be simple, like a tree, sunset, picture, ect. Just sit there and look at for a few moments taking in it's beauty and splendor. Once you feel like it's time start writing (or sketching) what makes this item beautiful. Decirbe it's texture, color, the feelings it envokes in you, what makes it stand out, why you chose it. Don't worry about its length, if you can I'd say write at leaast a page and a hlf if not more. It will also help you with discription and keeping your creative juices flowing.

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