Main Character- Names

Main Character- Names

A Lesson by A. V. Madison

This lesson will help you learn about how you create the main character.


"I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself, a small bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever feeling sorry for itself."


^^That quote^^ has a wonderful meaning. I didn't even have to copy & paste, I know it by heart.


On my site, I plan to use it many times. Please visit if you have a spare moment.


The process of writing a main character is a lot more unique than the process of writing a supporting role. I am in the process of creating one of my characters in my story Unforetold, named Alice Darmogray. Alice, in the begining, I felt she wanted to be a more vulnerable character, because the name Alice sounds like "Lace" which is a thin, fragile, decorative cloth. So I felt Alice would need to be the same- thin, fragile, and decorative.


I began sketching Alice. at first she was bony looking, pale, and had cherry red hair. She had prominent light gray eyes and looked strictly.... vampiric.


That frustrated me, because Alice wasn't fitting the bill.


Here are some girl names that might appeal in the way I describe the to you, to help you name your character, based on thier personality.


Isabella- Izzy- electricity- energetic

Helen- hell- demonic

Mary- mary jane shoes- fashionable

Bianca- hips- latina- s**t

Friday- week- logical- brainiac


Rosa- rose- floral- strong, with weak points

Ann- sewing- mother

Britney- blonde- ocean- surfer

Gail- length of rope- somebody who has been tortured

(just for fun) Effie Trinket- dyes hair orange- likes pumpkins



Boy names:


Rodney- scronny- nerd

Eugene- (guess- dork)

Trey- food tray- someone who likes to cook

Tony- hot guy- lead popular girl's boyfriend

Malik- African American- probably supporting said "Tony"

Vasquez- Mexican class clown

Mike- most likely asian- AV, technical person, etc.



Give Vasquez, Friday, and Rosa backgrounds, and put in coment section below.




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