Inner Conflict

Inner Conflict

A Lesson by Hingabe

Your character is like a human being. Let's make it more like one.


A step beyond the technique of adding character dimensions is investing your hero with two goals, needs, wants, longings, yearnings, or desires that are in direct opposition to each other.  Wanting two things that are mutually exclusive means having inner conflict, being torn in two directions, and that is what makes a character truly memorable.  Inner conflict doesn't have to be limited to your protagonist.  
Is the protagonist of your current manuscript beset by an inner conflict?  How clearly is it expressed?  What actions does it result in?  Make your characters as memorable as can be.

-- Thinking about your protagonist in the novel as a whole, what it is that your protagonist most wants?

-- Write down whatever is the opposite of that.

-- Hoe can the protagonist want both of those things simultaneously?  What would cause your protagonist to want them both?   What steps would he actively take to pursue those conflicting desires?

-- Work on sharpening the contrast between these opposing desires.

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