Larger-Than-Life Character Qualities

Larger-Than-Life Character Qualities

A Lesson by Hingabe

What to make your character EVEN MORE INTERESTING? Let's do this.


Zingers: they can catch you at any moment.  That's the good thing about writing.  When you get them, you can add them to the story as needed.  Making your characters larger than life will make them more interesting, and therefore, making their interest in the book go up!
How do you build larger than life characters in your current manuscript?  What does your protagonist say, think, or do, that he or she would never in their wildest dreams venture to?  

-- What is the one thing that your character would never, ever say, think, or do?

-- Find places in your story in which your protagonist must say, do, and think those very things.  What are the circumstances?  What are the consequences?  

What qualifies as a larger-than-life action?  Winking at a stranger is easy for a flirt; to a shy person it is huge.  It is satisfying we would all like to let loose our inner devil- or angel.  Here is your character do, say, or think something memorable.  This doesn't mean necessarily mean turning our characters into wise-crackers or pulp cliches.  It does mean pushing them out of their bounds, whatever those might be. 

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