Multidimensional Characters

Multidimensional Characters

A Lesson by Hingabe

No person has just one active personality trait. Your characters shouldn't either.


One-dimensional characters hold limited interest for us, because they are as limited as human beings.  The lack complexity that makes real-life people so interesting.  Plot events themselves can provoke the emergence of a new character.  How many sides of your current protagonist do you reveal?  You in your heart know that your character is complex, but can you show it on paper?  Take a careful look at your manuscript.  On which pages, exactly, do you specifically unlock extra sides of your character's personality?  Can you highlight the passages?  Now count them.  Is there any other place that you can add the multi-dimensional character? 

-- What is your protagonist's defining quality; that is, how would anyone describe the protagonist?

-- Objectively speaking, what is the opposite of that other quality?

-- Write a paragraph in which your protagonist actively demonstrates the opposite quality that you wrote down?

-- Define a second, third, and fourth quality and do the same with those to what you did to the first.

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