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The Final Goodbye- The Finishing Touches

The Final Goodbye- The Finishing Touches

A Lesson by TopHatGirl

Setting Your Character Off Into The World, Try Not To Cry.


  You character is about to get into the taxi. Suitcase in hand, it takes one last look at you. You start to tear up. It runs back, embracing you in one last hug.
   "Bye, Mom/Dad," It whispers in your shoulder.
   "Good luck in the literature world, Your Character's Name," you whisper back. It waves again, one short little flick of the arm. And then it gets into the car. The cab starts to drive off, and your charrie's face is pressed up against the window. In you're mind, you ask one question,

     Is my Character ready for my book/story/poem/play?

   If the answer is yes, then wave goodbye one last time, go back inside, and start writing.

   If the answer is no, then go back to the previous lessons, and skim through. Keep working until you get them right. I'm not going to tell you if your character is ready. But, if you wish, I always like it when readers message me the wonderful characters they have made with the help of my lessons. :)
    So, we're not the #1 course anymore. Oh, well. It changes.
    And, this is the last lesson!!! Aren't you sad? Devastated? I am. It was a long haul. But characters usually are. Let's talk about finishing touches. Your character is so well thought out and developed, you're probably thinking, what more could I possibly have to do? And you might be going, my character seems awful! How do I change them? Sometimes, your character turns out bad. If a product turns out bad in a factory, they throw it away. If that happens, its fine. Just throw it away, and start fresh. Maybe it just has a little flaw. Just fix what's broken, and put it back on the product line.
   You might have a character that's ready to be in your writing. Fantastic! Go for it. Just make sure you go back to this course and make sure you didn't miss anything. Put a little quirk here, a flaw there. Some paint there, a touch up there. Sometimes the best characters have been changed and remodeled hundreds of times. Sometimes they are changed at the last minute and work out great. Sometimes theyre already great the first time. And sometimes they suck.

    If they suck, then they suck. Go back.

    I don't have anything else to say, really. I do believe that you all will make wonderful characters, and I will enjoy reading about them in your writing. I might make another course, look out for it. Subscribe, and comment. Message me your characters. Or if you hated this course, then do the opposite of what I said. Thanks to everyone for reading. Your characters thank you too.

    Happy Characters, everyone. I hope I love them ;)

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Posted 9 Months Ago

This course was a great help and I'm going to show it to my writer friends, as I think that you have some great pointers in here.

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Posted 3 Years Ago

In the end my character was mean, shallow and manipulative. She is perfect for the story.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

And thanks for the whole thing! It helped so much!

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Posted 6 Years Ago

I have a seriously flawed evil character who is an oppresive and tyranical ruler and killer. I just realized how much I based him off of myself. Sad...I might be a demon in disguise.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. This has very much helped me to write a more believable character full of wonderful flaws and actual emotion. I can't wait to use your advice in my writings.
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Posted 7 Years Ago

I really loved your entire course. Read it all. Loved it!! Or should I say, "I don't just love it. I adore it, wanting to ebrace it with my arms and soak it into my brain absorbing every last bit of it's wonderous wisdom and words."
Better? Haha...well thanks for posting this. I enjoyed.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

is being exceedingly ordinary a flaw???

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Hey, I made a character based off of your lesson, and I was wondering if you could check out my character..
Here it is:

Kierstin Novella – a 16-year-old girl with dyed black hair, blonde highlights and blue eyes. She lives her with “family”, a group of people who are magically gifted. She doesn’t have the sense of touch, and can’t feel physical pain. She’s quiet and wont open up to people often, making it difficult for others to get along with her. She’s a little compulsive and often acts before thinking. Because she can’t feel physical pain, she often picks her fingers with needles or thumbtacks, hoping that she will one day feel it.
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