Who Is Your Character?

Who Is Your Character?

A Lesson by Sloan Chambers

This is the first lesson, and what are your characters like?


What are your characters like?  Have you even made a character, yet?  If not, this is the lesson to start with.

What is your characters name?  Depending on what genre you're writing, your names can be different.  If you're writing fiction, or something like that, it could be as simple as Carla Rice, or Jonathan Sharpe.  If you're writing science fiction or fantasy, it could be as complex as Pandagram Gremelindra.  Does the name have a special meaning, like symbolism?  Or is it just... a name?

What does your character look like?  I know, I know, these are stupid, simple questions, but you have to start of basic.  What animal does he/she remind you of?  A darting fish?  A lion?  Does she have long, brown hair that shines like the sun?  Or does she have coarse, grey hair?  Does he have thin eyebrows or are they like bushes that have never been trimmed?  Describe it in a way that's unusual, that describes it better.

What is your character's personality?  Does he/she even have a personality?  You know, those people that can solve amazing math problems in their head, but are just boring, and seem to not have a personality...?  The character needs to be described in a human way, having conflicting emotions.

In the next lesson, we'll describe your character more... What does it love/hate?  What are his/her faults/weaknesses? 


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