Mini Lessons and Clocking

Mini Lessons and Clocking

A Lesson by Kimberly Parrott Valenzuela

Peer Editing for a Purpose


Group students for working with a partner.  You will want to make it easy for students to get up and move to a new partner as well.  I would suggest creating one or two long groups of desks where students face each other.

Draw students' attention to your presentation on one specific idea, capitalization, you want your students to look for as they read their partner's paper. After you explain the skill to students, set a timer for an appropriate amount of time for the reading task (3-5 minutes).  Tell students to read the text looking solely for errors in that skill, capitalization. Once the time expires, reset the timer for 2 mintues and tell students to take turns sharing the errors they found with their partner and giving suggestions for improvements.  After both students have shared, one student from each pair should rotate to then next partner.

Continue this process two more times with two addition focus skills.


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Kimberly Parrott Valenzuela
Kimberly Parrott Valenzuela

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