Young Adult Romance Clichés

Young Adult Romance Clichés

A Lesson by Flamefate Rainkeys

It stopped being cute after Bella did it.


Okay. Let's do this.


Extremely Hot Guy notices Average Girl. She then...


Tripped on a flake of dead skin on the floor into him.

Blushed. Like a tomato, or something else equally red and improbable.

Wondered why he was looking at her. She looks, after all, as average as a blank piece of paper. She has no talents, like singing, dancing, or baking, yet is also secretly a Mary Sue.

Felt an unexplainable pull toward him. Something about magnets.

Bit her lip/cheek/tongue.

Rewired her waking life to him. She didn't have a life in the first place, anyway.

Got her way in the relationship every single time. 


Insanely Gorgeous Teenage Guy then....


Decided he was in love with Average Girl.

Behaved coldly toward Average Girl for as long as it takes for them to become an item, then became a total sap or protective idiot.

Had a major priority change with all of his thoughts, waking and asleep, revolving around her. Any part of his life--hobbies, goals, friends--were suddenly unexistant.

Laid his life on the line for Average Girl. More than once.





No. Just no. I can only hope none of you think that relationships work this way. As much as she loves him and he loves her, being in anyone's company for long periods of time will eventually drive someone up the wall, or make the other person feel smothered.

Signs of a clingy boyfriend or girlfriend: They ditch their friends to spend all their time with you. They constantly need reassurance of your love. They get mad if you do anything without them. They call and text all the time. You have no "me" time, or time with family or friends, because they want to occupy every single second of your time.

It's okay to have happy relationships in your book, of course. Just think to yourself: Would I be okay with this? Would I only want to be around that other person for the rest of my life? Would I be willing to give up my entire life outside of this person?

No. The answer should hopefully be no. And your character, female or male, should, realistically, feel the same.

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