Cliche... ?

Cliche... ?

A Lesson by E. A. Fielder

What is cliche?


First of the word cliche means- a thought, sentence, or a phrase that has already been used before. For example:
"I will always love you." You have probably heard this line in songs, soap operas, and possibly movies. Many cliques are found in very popular songs. Don't believe most artists are cliche writers? Especially in the mainstream right? The next time you listen to one of your favorite songs on the radio listen for lines such as:
"I've got money," "I love you," "you're the one," "we belong together," "slit my wrists," "it only hurts when I breathe," "the darkness falls (closes in)." You will be surprised at how horrible some musicians are at writing lyrics. Even if they aren't the exact same line, but close to it, it is still a cliche.
Cliches can also be found in stories as well, especially in dialog. Not to target one genre of writing but some of the worst cliche's are mainly found in romance novels. For example the main characters are always beautiful people (a male with dark eyes, muscular features, and a woman who is slender and usually has blond hair and blue eyes), or the characters might say something melodramatic like:
"Kiss me.", "Don't go, I need you."
Now that you know the basics of the cliche world we will start with poetry.

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