Creative Expression

Creative Expression

A Lesson by Kiri Nells

In this lesson we'll go over the basics of well-written


I would like to start by saying that the ability to express one's feelings in a creative way is something that not everybody will be able to do at the same level. Poetry isn't a matter of good vs. bad, but well written vs. being in need of improvement. This being said, welcome to the course.


For the purpose of this course and the examples that it comes with, "WW" will mean, "well written" and "NI" will mean, "Needs Improvement".


The first thing we'll go over is language. Poetry is the use of creative language and/or patterning to create a clear expression of a feeling caused by any event.


NI Free Form:

The leaf


And hit the ground.

It covered a rock

And then got stepped on.


Notice the lack of effective and feeling. If you were asked to analyze this poem, it probably would be very hard to support a thesis, correct? This next poem will use the same topic, but it will be more descriptive and creative.


WW Free Form:

The cool amber sheet

Descending slowly.

Back and forth,

The autumn feather.

Its crisp body lay rustling

Lay over rough and rock.

It's short lived life, disreguarded

By the careless feet of children.


Notice the descriptive language is much better than the previous poem. The feeling it provides is different than the first poem, even though it says the same thing. It would be much more fun to analyze, and support is simple to find. Effective mood and feeling is created with better use of language and description.

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Posted 3 Years Ago

right, good course.

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Posted 4 Years Ago

I agree with taylorrose. Sometimes simple poems are better than complex and poems with big words.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Thank you.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

sorry to say but people wont read ur poems if u dont write the way you speak thats the true beauty of the poem big words like you have will make the reader bored and fall asleep you want them to read it and enjoy it not forget it to mark it in the memories of the minds of your readers

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Simple, but necessary to highlight.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

A good lesson my friend.
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