Accepting Constructive Criticism

Accepting Constructive Criticism

A Lesson by C. Rose

I got a macro-review! ... Now what?


Congratulations! You have received a long constructive criticism. Now what do you do?


You probably are feeling something. Excitement that someone clearly read your whole piece. Gratitude that they took the time. And most likely defensive. Your work is perfect. Clearly the reviewer is confused. You don't over-describe. They're just boring or confused or spiteful.


Take a breath. Don't reply to the review right away.

Detach yourself from your writing. This is hard to do. Try to pretend that it is someone else's story. Try to see the reviewer's point of view. It is possible they are wrong. But most of the time, especially if multiple reviewers say it, there is some truth there.


What reviewers love to hear in response is "Thank you for your time. I will change X. I did Y because ___ and will therefor keep. "


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C. Rose
C. Rose