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Compliment Sandwiches. Yes or No?

Compliment Sandwiches. Yes or No?

A Lesson by C. Rose

Do you agree with using compliment sandwiches?


Do you use compliment sandwiches? (also known as feedback sandwiches)

This is when you start by saying something nice, insert an area for improvement, and end by saying something nice.

For example: You have a unique premise. You could improve your dialogue. I liked when you described the main character.

There are two different schools of thought (that I know of) on whether or not to use Constructive Criticism.

-Some say don't. The author will be caught up in the positives and not take the criticism seriously.

-Some say do. The author will be more receptive to criticism if you hook them with their strengths.

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Added on May 3, 2014
Last Updated on May 3, 2014
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C. Rose
C. Rose