Focus on the Goal

Focus on the Goal

A Lesson by C. Rose

Focus your constructive criticism. Avoid going off on a tangent or overwhelming the author with multiple areas for improvement.


Focus on the Goal.

Be honest. 
Don’t tell them they’re the bee’s knees if they aren't. That doesn't help anyone.

Be specific. 
It doesn't help the author to say you don’t like their characters or their descriptions. Explain what about the character isn't working or why you think the descriptions are distracting from the story.

Focus on the future.
How can the author improve next time? Don't assume the author is up for a rewrite, especially if the area from improvement is the premise or the rhythm of the poem doesn't work. Offer advice that is applicable to the author's writing style in general.

Don’t say too much at once. 
If there are multiple areas for improvement, pick one to emphasize and detail. Don't overwhelm the author. They won't be able to fix everything with their story in one go.

Encourage the writer to come up with solutions.
Telling the author what to do can come off the wrong way. Point out areas for improvement and give general suggestions. Let the author find their own solution to the problem.

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C. Rose
C. Rose