General Constructive Critique Guide

General Constructive Critique Guide

A Lesson by C. Rose

Don't want to commit to filling out a checklist? Here's a general guide to creating a review that is still constructive but not as time consuming.


Need a looser technique than a checklist? Then this 5 step general guide is for you!
1. Find a unique way of describing the piece (Reminded me of my trip to Colorado, well-penned delve into hopelessness), not simply "good job".
2. Highlight any common mistakes (Punctuation, Spelling, Format).
3. Remark on larger concepts (Voice, Setting, Character Development, Plot).
4. Include your own opinion, but be sure to label it as such. Mention your favorite phrase or sequence.
5. And then, if you are a member, include our tagline "Courtesy of the Constructive Critics"
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Added on May 2, 2014
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C. Rose
C. Rose