Story Critique Checklist

Story Critique Checklist

A Lesson by C. Rose

A story critique checklist created by a collaboration of Constructive Critics members. Perfect for a highly detailed review or as inspiration for a review topic.


Welcome to the Constructive Critics' Guide to Constructive Critiques!

Our first technique is a story critique checklist.

We recommend you read the story once, answer the first page of questions about the general impression the story gave you, and then read again to answer the rest of the technical questions.

Questions include:

General Impression Questions

What does the story make you think about?
After reading this story, are there any questions left unanswered?
and Technical Questions
In your opinion how could the author improver their (Title, Plot, Ending, Character, Setting, Voice, Style, Dialogue, Format? (be specific):
The complete checklist can be found at Story Critique Checklist and Story Critique Checklist Printable.

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Added on May 2, 2014
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C. Rose
C. Rose