Use a Positive Approach

Use a Positive Approach

A Lesson by C. Rose

Modified off of a WikiHow article.


Five tricks to keep in mind to be sure you approach the review positively.



1. Have good intentions

       If you've been having disagreements with another writer or have negative emotions for any reason. Don't review them. Take that energy and review someone you feel neutral or positive towards.


2. Ease your way in

     Watch the way you phrase areas of improvement.

  • You may want to consider changing your approach here.
  • I noticed you broke the pattern here. Could you tell me why?
  • Good effort, but I see a few areas that have room for improvement.

    3. Don't get emotional

          Never say "Well this is a whole lot of nothing" or "You can't do it that way". If you are insulted by the way something is portrayed, point out how that part may come off as insulting. Chances are the author had not realized and would be happy to make changes.


    4. Choose the right place

         If you need to point out a consistent and major flaw in a user's writing, consider messaging them instead of leaving a review. A review could come off as a public embarrasment. A private message can be a more discrete and tactful way of approach


    5. Think carefully about critiquing their style

        If a writer is trying something new (bolding character names, crossing out sections in train of thought, jumping perspectives), hold back assumptions that it is wrong. You can talk about the pros and cons and your own assumptions, but don't shoot it down.




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