Well, this is about that...

Well, this is about that...

A Lesson by Iron K. Tager



Keep on writing.  Do not stop writing because you think you are no good.  Like all things in life, if it makes you feel the most like yourself, or the happiest, you should do it (unless it is illegal, then you might want to try something else).
Do you like writing?  Good.  Do you enjoy writing?  Better.  Do you love writing?  Better still.
Keep writing as long as you want to, and do not stop even if others tell you off.  As a matter of fact, forget them in general when you write.  That is what I do.  Just make sure you remember them when they point out fixable plot-holes and make things specifically addressing them;  if not, then, well, I guess that is all up to you really.

A phrase I will never forget came from an author who was substituting my science class in high school; we got off onto a tangent because he said we could ask or discuss anything we wanted with him, and I the aspiring writer was more than eager to bombard him.  Anyway, after a few pestering questions by me about opinions and viewpoints, he stopped and told me the one thing that keeps me writing today: "Write what you want to write, not what you think others will want to read."

So write!  Write what you want to write!  Not everyone will be like it; in fact, most people will not (mainly because there is no reasonable way for the majority of the world's population to see it (that, and who cares?)), and that is OK.  And if they are fans?  All the better.  Just promise me you will do what makes you happy.

Chao~ ^_^


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Added on September 5, 2013
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Iron K. Tager
Iron K. Tager


Hello! I'm not really that good of a writer at all, but I do enjoy writing. I tend to only write things when I feel like it, so sometimes I go long stretches without putting anything down. I wrote ..