Lesson 1 - The Basics

Lesson 1 - The Basics

A Lesson by PeriwinkleRoase

Names and ages


Naming Your Character


Names are really, really important to a character (obviously.) They also build your character's backstory. Names help create a heritage and family history for your character. When naming, here are some things to think about:

Do I want a very unusual name, and unusual name, a common name, or a very common name?

Will this name help communicate my characters heritage?

Do I WANT this name to help communicate my  charcter's heritage?

Will this name help communicate my character's personality?

Do I WANT this name to help communicate my character's personality?


Let's start with the first one. Do you want your character to be named something completly foriegn? Why? Do you want your character to have a simple, common name? Why?


If your naming for heritage, google (heritage hear) names for Boys/Girls


If your naming for personality, be subtle about it. Like if your character is a happy person, don't name him/her Happy or Joy or something. If your character likes to garden, don't name her Flower.


You also have to put age into thought. If you have a really old character, don't name him/her something modern. Name him/her something classic.


Also think about HOW he/she was named. Hey! Here's an exercise! Right now, make up a really interesting way that your character was named. Like maybe some foriegners dropped off their baby at someones house, and told them that her name was Sharmoyal, but the girl's soon-to-be-parents misheard them and thought that her name was Charm Maya or something.




So Age: Basically, is your character old or not? Old people are good for telling stories, as they have seen more than others. They might also be good for advice. Most young people (especially teenagers, har har) go through a rebellious stage in their life! They can be impulsive, hot headed and wild!


Does your character need guidance or advice? Add in an old person! Is your story getting stale, and in need of action? Add a rebellious teen!

Ok. I guess that would be the end....

For now!





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