Finding your Theme

Finding your Theme

A Lesson by Harley Sapphire

Here we will discuss how to find your theme, as is probably obvious!


How do you find your theme?

I have a sheet of paper which is just brainstormed themes in a web. I tend to reference it when ever I am starting a new piece. As you have probably noticed I am all about the greater meaning of the piece, so this is a very important step to me.

Assignment 1

Brainstorm a list or web of themes, you can use the themes from the previous lesson as a starting point. If you are stuck do some independent research on themes. Circle or highlight two to three ones that you feel you have something to say about and then post those three in the comments below.

Recommended Read:

- Plot Perfect

      - Although this is more about plot it has a lot to do with incorporating theme into your story. I found this very helpful. There are many examples referencing movies and books.

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