Incorporating Your Characters In

Incorporating Your Characters In

A Lesson by The Ugly Rose

How to bring your characters into your story and shape their experiences. ****UNDER CONSTRUCTION****


Now it's time to bring the characters you've created into the story world you've created thus far. It's very important that you plan this part out very carefully. How your characters interact with each other is a great influence on the plot, and can make or break a great story.

Begin by taking the places that you've created in your world, and placing a few characters. Consider putting a few dynamic characters together in one place so they may interact in the beginning and start a few relationships. Your main character may meet their enemy early on, or later on. He/she may meet their close friends early or later on. Consider the relationships when placing characters. How and when they interact is very important.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Define relationships: Who is the antagonist? This person shall be a great influence on your main character. Decide when they will meet and conflict. Who are the close friends of the protagonist and the antagonist? Place the friends of each close to the characters. These close friends shall be dynamic characters, and a large influence on the plot. Who are the less important characters? These may still be dynamic, but less important to the plot. Place them nearby, but not at a close reach. They will come in and out of the plot. Go on from there, and pay close attention to relationships.

****UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check back later*****

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