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better basing your character


What we'll do here is ill give you some questions that your character has to 'answer' and the answers have to be part of your characters personality. So here we go.


What is his/her name and age?

Whats his/her eye, hair and skin color?

What is her/his usual attire (what does she/he wear?)?

Where does she/he live? What kind of house?

Who does he/she live with? (family, pets etc.)

What is her/his biggest fear?

What is her/his biggest goal/dream/occupation?

What is his/her favourite food?

What is her/his favourite TV show?

Whats her/his fav book series?

Whats his/her biggest disapointment?

Whats his/her biggest acomplishment?

What is his/her pastime/hobbie?

What is his/her pet peive?

What is his/her fav animal?


Hopefully, these questions and their answers will better define your character and possibly come into play in a upcoming book.


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