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Country's Governances


All countries have a type of political governance. 
Monarch, Totalitarian, democratic, communistic, socialist, fascist, dictatorship etc.
You must decide on which governance your country is going to take. I made Germaine a Profiled Monarchy and Criswane a Military dictatorship. 

I added in Profiled which means in my novel that everything the monarchy does is watched and nothing is changed without approval but also adding in Presidential powers such as what Germany had during the Weimar republic period.

Politics can be confusing, if its democratic you need political parties, if you have a monarchy you need the monarch of course and the royals, dictatorship you need either a party dictatorship or military dictatorship, communistic needs to be based on communist principles same with capitalist etc etc. But the government and type of government a country has can have different outcomes for your country's problems and high points. 

When creating a fictional world be sure to get your countries sorted in order to create an easy flow instead of being stuck trying to think of things your country is known for. 

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