Icons, flags, currency and people

Icons, flags, currency and people

A Lesson by Diablo101

The thinks that make your country memorable.


To make a country memorable is to create certain icons that make it never to be forgotten. for example,
Everyone know where the Sydney opera house, or the Sydney Harbour bridge is? Of course its in Sydney, Australia but why everyone can tell what these two things are from a picture is because there is nothing else like them in the world. 
Your country must have its own unique icons in order to distinguish these places from others. 
Germaine is forested land where as Criswane is more deserted and isolated with sand and not greenery. 
Criswane has millions of monuments dedicated to military war hero's whereas Germaine has Statues about the King and Queen as leaders of their country. 

If i said, that I walked into the town square to see a statue dedicated to the country's Monarch you should instantly know that it was Germaine as Criswane doesnt have a monarch. 

Your country also needs a flag, no, the flag isnt seen throughout the book that much except for visual experiences when the flag is seen. but its there for just incase and there for you to describe. I personally think it is easier to draw your flag and then describe it in your book or story. 

Most nations have their own currency, Australia, The Australian Dollar. UK, Pounds etc. Indonesia, Rupiahs I think... etc. The currency of Germaine is Germainian Mites. The currency of Criswane is Criswanian Counts. 

People also play a huge factor in defining your new country. 
for example,
Throughout History Germany has been known as the militaristic country based on Honour.
Australia has been known as convicts and/or the outback people that always say G'day mate. 
America those patriotic people that never shut up about themselves xD
England, The country that pretty much built the world. 
Yes Stereotypes can be bad and some can be good. i prefer to give a country's people a certain stereotype to make them that much more interesting. Doesnt mean all the people of that country have that stereotype but with my countries. Criswane has a stereotype of being never wrong, always right and fiercly aggressive towards other countries. Germaine is a patriotic country much like Germany was back in the day.... etc. 

Hope this helps

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