Be Yourself

Be Yourself

A Lesson by Brandee D. Hack

How to let your imagination soar...


Hello everyone! Sorry I have not been on for a while to write lessons. :)

-Brandee D. Hack


This lesson is about the creativity of your mind. How do you let your thoughts soar? Well...some say - like my Irish family - that it all depends on the drink. Whether it be tea, Guiness, or Bailey's...we seem to have our own creative talents in our mind. All we ourselves have to do is to find our muse or essential flavour that takes us on journey or ecstasy with our writing.


My challege for you is to find your flavour...try things and take 5 or fewer minutes to write something off the top of your head. Comment back here with it. Tell us how it makes you feel and share your experiences with others here at the cafe. :)


I wish you all the best of luck! :D


Bonne Chance mes amies! (french)


Slainte! (gaelic - ireland)


Brandee D. Hack


Thanks everyone! :)

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Brandee D. Hack
Brandee D. Hack

Ireland Co.

Hello all. My name is Brandee. I have wrote many different genres of writings for many years. I hope that by putting it up that that will help me get some feedback and constructive criticism. ..