Creative Writing

Creative Writing

A Course by Veronica Lynn

When eating ice cream sundaes, do you go for the one with just the ice cream or one with many toppings like bananas, sprinkles, fudge or caramel, chocolate chips? I think many people would choose the second one. That's the thing these days, most people pick up interesting and creative novels and leave out the ones that drag on and on. In this course you will: Learn how to use creative language to keep your reader entertained at all times. Write sample stories to show me you know how to use the concepts. And much, much more. :)



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Veronica Lynn
Veronica Lynn


If you don't know me, I can be shy at times and blush a lot! If you do know me, you know I am a sweet person who loves to write, read, sing, and give advice. (Or so I'm told!) I love music and will b..