How to Take Criticism

How to Take Criticism

A Lesson by E. A. Fielder

How to take criticism and not freak out on a bad review...


When you get a bad review on a piece, don't flip out. Look at the review and remember that no one is a perfect writer and not everyone will like your work. Read over what was said about your piece. Was it fair? Did it make a point or have a any advice? After you read the review look at your work and see what changes you agree should be made: spelling errors, format, grammar, ect. Remember also that you cannot and will not please everyone with your work so don't stress your self too much. Also, don't return with a pointless, bad review on the critic, they were just doing there job.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Someone who says 'This sux cuz i hate fiction i only read stuff thats real lol!!!' is not 'just doing their job;' they're being the worst kind of troll.

I do think the message here of 'Don't stress too much; the reviewer may not have a clue anyway' is good advice.
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Added on February 21, 2010
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