A Lesson by Ellie Luck

As a recent graduate and a searcher for more work in freelance (with a couple new website in my hands), I am searching for the means to stay motivated on editing MY OWN WORK.


Ladies and gentlemen, my grandma, aunt and own mother are grammar nazis, and I know all the conventions of grammar and common spelling etiquette as well.

But I do not edit my own work. I hastily type me genius and well thought out and organized plans with the inspiration which could move people to love and believe with errors and overlooking the obvious and serious mistakes all throughout my work.

I am an editor, and I typo all the time. If you are not impressed come back around and see the end results after editing.

Sorry about the typos, I'll edit all of the work thoroughly before this all goes up!

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Added on December 29, 2016
Last Updated on December 29, 2016

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Ellie Luck
Ellie Luck

Twister Town, CA

I'm a publisher.