Textual Analysis for Life

Textual Analysis for Life

A Lesson by Ellie Luck

In college, "world Literature" was one of the most intriguing courses I had taken, and "Rhetoric and Writing" was perhaps one of the most educational, and yet it was "Textual Analysis for Production," which was the most influential.


Inspirationally, when we recall our most influential lessons, we should find that what rings the most bells (so to speak) is going to be our most treasured resource for our guidelines in making choices created from our inspiration from those lessons. 

When were you taught the most reasonable lessons?
Who were your teachers as people?
What were the most memorable exercises they assigned to you and what are the top three rules or stylistic forms which stuck?

When you think of your teachers, and a bell rings, don't forget what you're heart still believes.

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Added on October 19, 2016
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Ellie Luck
Ellie Luck

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