The Contest

The Contest

A Lesson by Ellie Luck

The winner's publications will be announced on the Podcast: THE DECIPHER SHOW and will receive compensation based on sales. Your volume numbers sold will create your own revenue so it with the power of your writing that will make your business boom! Share this on your writing pages, blogs, social media platforms and with your friends, and you're in business. This is an honest and true publication: merit comes before profit. Compensation will be based on a contract percentage of revenue based on sales and the percentages will likely be around 10-25% based on the number of writers of the publication. Decipher offers a 10% donation to a designated charity from all sales generated. 5% is going to be designated for business: promotional material and prizes!


Here is an original draft of the contest:

Writing Competition

1. Decipher needs a cover page including the title and an image taking up the whole back page with a symbolic reference to deciphering. I have in mind a decoder of some sort. Fashion your own decoder or venture to the idea that you might have discovered the perfect image for decipher and prove it to me. The best submissions will be intriguing. 

2. The Justifier Comic book series needs a comic book artist. Send me a cover page to feature the very first edition of The Justifier: a woman wearing a black mask, and all black-- business formal (pants): in the shadows: looks worn and torn. Creative pieces will include symbolic background references to crimes, crime fighting, justice, and a clock. Bear in mind, that the Justifier is a strong independent woman. She should be beautiful (drop dead gorgeous), but not flaunting sexual nature: but she's bass a*s, kicks a*s, and takes names. -- The winner should expect to be delivered content for intensive comic book artwork and design, so keep in mind that this is going to require a lot of professional skill and time, however, this is just the first edition of decipher-- a promo of The Justifier. 

3.--this section was revised to fit more writers into the publication writers will be offered a percentage of revenue (divided out of the writers)-- for  fair pay and equal opportunity.--


A. Freedom

With regard to your own already powerfully profound story, write like the wind! Poems, riddles, and symbolic thick text will strike my awe.

B. Deliver the News

Do you have an interesting hobby, talent, or knowledge? Please tell me what you know about something. I like nature and a really cool article about a specific snake might win. Try telling me bout how to make it up a mountain as a rock climber, or what it means to you that you can hit those notes wile playing the trumpet. Seriously, I like a good scientific piece, or an article related to lifestyles, and living peacefully, freely etc; 

C. Creative Writing

Please tell me a story about a person who has the advantage(s) of _________, who can go out side and play with _________(s), while playing with ________, something _________ happens, it is is a slight concern because__________________! Oh no!

We hope that _________ will be okay. This is the tale of _________ who overcame ______, _______, ________ and learned to _________ in the end. This does not have to be cutesy, but writers who inspire faith in virtues will win. 

D. An ode to heroes. Can you write a feature article on super heroes?  Here's the title "Who Will Save Us? Heroes." Please submit three main points about why it is important that people are brave and step up to the plate when it comes to facing challenging situations.

E. The Clock, The Map, and the Book

The rest is up to you.

F. Riddle(s) and/or Poem(s)

G. The Code. 

Write a strictly powerful and moving piece regarding philosophy and use ancient mythological references and make it virtuous.


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