Step one, character matching.

Step one, character matching.

A Lesson by Ava-loves-pocky

Some characters, no matter how hard you try, will just not be able to work out.


Okay, first of all, when creating a good romance, you have to decide what the relation between characters is.  Are they childhood friends?  Classmates?  Complete strangers, meeting each other for the first time?  Whichever it is, they need to develop feelings first.  Please, what ever you do, don't do this:

Mandy was running late, so she sprinted towards the school.  She suddenly ran into someone, knocking them down.
"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, helping them up.  It was a boy, about her age.  He smiled back at her.
"No, it's okay," he replied back.  Mandy felt butterflies erupt in her stomach at his voice.  She was instantly in love.

Just no.  Way too fast-paced.  Didn't they just meet?  However, it is perfectly fine for the story to start with them already in love.  Just don't rush it!

Next, match characters who personalities can mesh.  Opposites attract, but that doesn't mean that they can have everything different.  Something will prevent them from being able to fall in love.  There is a thin line between love and hate, and if you aren't careful, your well-planned romance can easily turn sour, without you knowing how to fix it.  Be careful when figuring out the plot and personalities!  You might have to start over, otherwise.


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