Diving into the Wonder-Globe

Diving into the Wonder-Globe

A Lesson by Octavian

This lesson will define the Wonder-Globe and give you an idea on how it works. Enjoy


Hello, my names Octavian Condet, I'm currently 17 years old and love life even with its downfalls. When I was younger, around the age 3. I was like most little kids, had big dreams of adventure and endless happiness. I loved the morning sunlight. I can still remember the day I came home from school, hopping off the big yellow bus. The wind tearing through my ashy hair, my cheeks padded with a thin layer of warmth the sun sprang over me. I passed through the wooden door, happy and upright. Voices broke the still air as my heart plummeted. My face was grimace and dreams were ripped from my mind like pages from a book. The day turned sour, I could only look at them with frantic eyes. I was so young and yet my pain had amounted to be so much. The day I remember, one I will never forget. The day my biological mother and father got their divorce, but that day only helped make me all the wiser even with the broken heart I was given.
Question of the day or night or just whatever time it is where you live. 
What is the Wonder-Globe???
Well funny you should ask because it's everything around us. The Wonder-Globe is a fundamental (basic) idea  that all objects physical or not physical, exist in two worlds. One world being known as Reality, the other world being known as the Wonder-Globe. Now, imagine looking at a dot. Oh what do you know, there's a dot!   BAM! Simple right?

Now just think to yourself, what is it? Don't tell me its a dot. Instead, think of it as a red pin casting a faint ghostly shadow. Now with that, begin to wonder. What can you do with that little red pin? Leave reality and  join me in the Wonder-Globe. The creative side of you, good, bad, awesome or lame. All levels count. 

Try to see what I see... Picture this

A tower of a seamless balloon shaped head casts endless miles of gray grass. The sun lingers over the grand structure, showering its golden light over the land. While the day is still young, a bright trapezoid face springs from the top of the tower. The air is cool and breezy. While the one metal beam stands planted into the pail ground, alone among the vast emptiness. 

Okay, there's my little picture I made for you with words. Now I want you to look up at the picture I gave you,  is it the same? Remember think simple, but outside the box, stay away from reality and in the Wonder-Globe They should be the same, unless I can't think straight and described the wrong image. Anyways, same or not the same, I just used you and myself to create something new. What you would call imagination, I call the Wonder-Globe. We made something that's unique just by drifting away from reality. I supplied the words, you supplied the imagery with those words. 

Wonder-Globe is nothing more than a simple idea that we create in our minds.

 It helps recreate our reality, turn it into something more kind of like a movie. I bet you've watched a movie once or twice in life, it starts off as a word, one single image that leads to the next then the next. Pretty soon  you make a scene that builds into a movie which can build into a sequel and etc. You get the idea? It starts of with something small, like that dot. I made it into a pin which lead to a tower then a small world with a sun. All layering onto one another. Eventually creating people (characters), ships, worlds and even galaxies. Just through simple thoughts, bending, twisting and turning a simple shape or idea into something more than what it actually is. 

Back to that dot, its not actually a dot either its a blotch (spot) of blood. Which leads to my final facto (fact)  for this lesson, more of a wisdom lecture. Its small don't worry.

We are given a gift

Blood is our ancestor (what people before us have had for a LONG time!)
It is a blessing that GOD gave us, it links us to one another
It gives us life, feeling, imagination, a purpose with style.
With that blood we were born to be creative and amazing, with that blood we are meant to see the world with  eyes unlike any other being in this universe. 

And finally with that blood comes a small seed that can grow and blossom.

Thank you for joining me in this first lesson. I hope it wasn't too boring for you at all. 
GOD bless and if you want you can follow me on Facebook or friend request me on here. 


Have a great Day or Night. Oh and one more thing, you can tell me what i did wrong or can do to make these lessons better in structure and explanation, Please. 

Ill post the next lesson sometime next week. 

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Posted 4 Years Ago

thank you!!! :)

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Posted 4 Years Ago

Really great job octavian....:-)....this is just inspiring....an eye opener for people to look beyond reality and open the curtains of possibilities....

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Posted 4 Years Ago

Really great job octavian....:-)....this is just inspiring....and eye opener for people to look beyond reality and open the curtains of possibilities....
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