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Pushing your ideas

Pushing your ideas

A Lesson by E.W Stringer

how not to push your ideas


Have you ever had an idea that was good but not YOU? i have. One of those ideas that, if you pushed it, it would be perfect.
if your a really talented writer then you shouldn't have to think. The idea should come to you and then the words should come you. If you cant think of your own ideas then you should quit the cafe and find a better hobbie.

Lets say your ideas are a waterfall.They should flow to you, and once they have came they should keep coming until the end


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Added on February 26, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013

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E.W Stringer
E.W Stringer

stourbrIdge, United Kingdom

I love writing and when people tell me my writing is good it makes my day. i love music. i was born a writer and will die a writer!!!!!!writing is the string that holds me to this earth. Without it..