Choice Poetry Collection

Choice Poetry Collection

A Lesson by Jodi Eaton

Due: Tuesday, Feb. 18


Choice Poetry Collection

Due: Tues., Feb. 18 

So far in Creative Writing, you’ve been introduced to a few different types of poems to ease you into poetry. This opportunity, hopefully, allowed you to play with words, form, style, and voice as ways of expressing meaning. This assignment will give you complete choice, just you alone, going to the page and seeing what comes from it. You may use journal prompts to get you started, or you may write without the aid of prompts; it is up to you, but your collection should have five poems that represent the next step in your writing process.



1)      Each of the five poems needs to be at least 15-20 lines.

2)      At least two of the poems need to be posted publicly on Writers Café.

3)      You will be sharing your poems in a small group and getting feedback from that group, so be prepared to give and receive constructive peer responses.

4)      One of your poems will be read/performed before the entire class in a coffeehouse setting.


Option 1: Write a poem that begins with a rhetorical question, one that you would like to explore an answer to, such as the examples provided, “Why is the sky blue?”


Option 2: Imitation poem


Option 3: Antonym poem


Option 4: Many of us have things at home that appear to be of little or no value. We are reluctant, however, to throw out some of these things, because they remind us of old friend, other homes and other times. Write a poem about why it is so hard to get rid of these sentimental things. Try to compose it in such a way that the reader feels the reluctance or the nostalgia of the camaraderie that the things invoke in you, the author.


Option 5: Thinking back to your childhood, remember the happenings around the ordinary table in the kitchen, the fine on in the dining room, or the picnic table on the deck. Write a poem bringing to life a particular meal that is both ordinary and memorable. Make the reader feel as if he/she is witnessing this moment.


Option 6: The first time we do anything of significance, whether it’s our first time driving a car or our first date, we are usually nervous, anxious, excited, reluctant, and/or awkward. Write a poem about a first time, trying to make the reader feel how you felt that first time.


Option 7: Most of us have been lost; some of us are lost right now. Write a poem about time you got lost either in the physical sense or a metaphorical one (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually).


Option 8: Free choice



Revision Guidelines


Step 1: Find a classmate that is willing to critically read one of your poems and from whom you can take constructive criticism and praise.


Step 2: Give that classmate a hardcopy draft of your poem.


Step 3: That classmate will critically read the poem, making written comments on the hardcopy that answers questions such as

·         What does the poem mean?

·         How does the poem make me feel?

·         Does the poem conform to the option requirements?

·         Are there strong words or images?

·         Does the author use poetic devices, figures of speech, rhyme, etc. to strengthen the poem?

·         What do I like and why?

·         What could be improved and why?


Do not limit yourself to these questions or feel that you have to answer them all. Remember you are trying to help your classmate improve her/his poem by giving feedback as a reader. Although I need written comments as documentation of this aspect of the assignment, I encourage you to converse about the poem with the poet, not just to write things.


Step 4: Having had this conversation and seeing the commentary, you should continue revising your poem. As you revise, take into account the classmate’s comments.


Step 5: With your final draft complete, write a paragraph reflecting on how the commentary you received from your classmate affected your final draft. Use examples from your conversation and comments. Be specific.




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